Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Latest Update:

 Hey Guys! I have been doing a lot of thinking (Cause I haven't been doing videos, so I had to of been doing something lol) and I am NOT going to retire from YouTube once I start High School, which is in three weeks and one day! I was planning to retire, but I am going to finish my old projects, that I've been planning for months and months now, in the rest of my summer. Then, sometime during the school year, I'm going to do all kinds of new projects!
  Here's what's going to happen, I have three weeks and one day left of summer break. So, I am going to try and finish or at least almost finish my old projects (R&C 1, R&C: Up Your Arsenal, J&D: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, etc.), then sometime during the school year I am going to make new projects!! Now, some may not be walkthroughs or guides, some may be game vlogs or big reviews on the latest games. But, I am going to still do stuff that is game related, actually everything that I will do will still be game related, so don't fret.
   My friends and I are going to do a bunch of stuff, along with my cousin (RCNetwork12). Here is a list of some possible things we've thought of doing (Comment below and give us some feedback): Left 4 Dead 2 Game Review, God of War Game Collection Overview, R&C: Group Collection Game Guides, Game Collection Reviews & Thoughts/Comments, HALO Trilogy Review, HALO 4 Overview, and HALO 2 sniper Fusion Game Guide (Will Be Done By My Cousin (RCNetwork12).

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